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Education is the nucleus of human survival, central to all facets of growth. Education systems have evolved over the years, mainly focusing on transferring traditional knowledge and experiences to apply ahead in life as we know it.The key outcome of education is the ability to think, apply and evolve in real world situations. Our world is evolving at a faster pace than ever and as we move ahead, the life cycle of change is becoming exponentially shorter. Disembarking from the industrial, information and Knowledge ages, the future is a problem solving age. Our future economic, political, social and cultural growth is dependent on future centric education solutions and outcomes for school children.

GES works with school management to build capability through collaborative international partnerships and best practice sharing, ongoing professional development and international benchmarking. The objective is to increase global awareness and understanding, exchange of course material and curriculum, compare pedagogical aspects, teaching and assessment practices, investigate effective use of technology in the classroom and  mentoring models to improve student outcomes.  

We also deliver and manage customised solutions for providing students global experiences, exposure to global trends, help them explore and understand their strengths and interests, develop and practice essential skills, negotiate within their circles of influence, make informed decisions and achieve their education, career and life goals. This is most effective in the formative years and becomes a critical life skill needed to become successful lifelong learners. 













School Improvement Solutions


  • Strategy and Planning

  • Performance Audit

  • International Testing and Benchmarking

  • Leadership Programs

  • Professional Development


Global Engagement


  • Sister School Partnerships

  • Exchange Programs

  • International Practicums for Teachers

  • International Seminars and Workshops

Student Experience & Outcomes


  • Global Career Exploration, Planning and Development

  • Study Tours

  • Summer School Program

  • ​Vocational Training

  • Skills Development


School Management Solutions


  • Alumni Relations

  • Branding and Ranking

  • Student Management Systems

  • Community Engagement

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