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About Us

How we help



Global Education Solutions (GES) is the strategic consulting, advisory and solutions partner that education institutions, government and community organisations and enterprises consult for achieving education outcomes that meet evolving global economic and community needs. Together we help build an enduring education industry, conceptualising designing and delivering future focused global education solutions and initiatives.

We are in a unique vantage point working across the education lifecyce, working with all stakeholders in the industry understanding best practices, capabilities, identifying opportunities, supply and demand globally. We have seen many strategies and plans unfold,  giving us a global education industry framework to provide true solutions and results that leverages lessons learnt, reflects the real world scenario and appeals to all involved.


How we engage


We have the proven expertise and resources to find the best solution that works for everyone involved. Our consultants are leading experts and thought leaders with a wealth of international experience.  We help clients decide where they want to go, how to get there and how to manage it successfully.

We provide cost effective solutions to our client with cost recovery embedded in the solutions we provide, including revenue sharing business models. Clients engage with us in many cost effective flexible ways including turn-key basis, activity based and retainer plus success based. 

We put ourselves in our client's shoes, align our capabilities and resources with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential.We transform ideas to action through a structured and consulltative journey with our clients providing an end to end integrated strategy building upon existing capabilities.

GES is a thought leader developing future focused education solutions for the community.

Our Difference

We are about true results, our solutions are not limited by boundaries of geographies, industries, departments, or hierarchies. Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on proven experience, industry knowledge and research. We are able to provide a solution not only from the client's viewpoint but integrating all stakeholders and industry framework.

Working across all education stakeholder groups we have a comprehensive knowledge base of the global education system, funding sources, international business and partnering opportunities, regulatory frameworks to design and deliver successful, sustainable, socially and economically fitting solutions.

We have organically developed a trusted network of key decision makers in academia, government, industry including alumni, media and work with people with the same shared passion, vision and genuine commitment to improving education outcomes.

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