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GES Global Education Solutions

Global Education Solutions is a tech-enabled thought leader in envisioning and delivering next practice ecosystems, knowledge and process enabled solutions for inclusive human development.


GES builds global economies of scale technology based social impact solutions based on a personalised platform thinking methodology. 


GES is a conglomerate organisation of leading experts and resources providing strategic, tactical and operational end to end consulting and education centric tech-enabled solutions to educators, enterprises, government and community organisationsWorking across all education stakeholder groups we have a comprehensive knowledge base of global - education systems, best practices, resources, business and partnering opportunities, supply & demand, collaborative models and regulatory frameworks to create viable and sustainable solutions even during downturns. We deliver holistic and integrated education solutions across the lifecycle of education and career to achieve social, organisational and economic growth​. 


​Our distinguished consultants achieve this by leveraging an extensive global network of advisors, leaders, expert associates and partners across education institutions, government and industries and by tying several silos of expertise together, building strategic cross sector partnerships and synergistic alliances, identifying funding models, designing collaborative business models and incorporating global best practices to discover – design - deliver - operate (idea to action) business focused, high impact, integrated, sustainable and end to end solutions.


We provide a seamless global framework for all stakeholders to leverage and establish sustainable symbiotic partnerships to achieve their goals. We also ​collaborate with diverse and multiple verticals to integrate the education dimension across all sectors to provide multi-disciplinary consulting services and solutions.


GES Global Education Solutions

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